E80 Pastor Shawna Songer Gaines on Lifelong Learning and Submitting to the Process

So many good things in this episode! I could have made the title much longer. We talk about lifelong learning and submitting to the process. We also discuss the differences between Wesleyan-Holiness and American-Holiness, and why it matters.  Here are some links to things mentioned in the podcast: Models of Evangelism (Pope-Levison)  Trevecca Nazarene Community Church  […]

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E76 Pastor Christine Hung Talks about Lifelong Learning and Making Room at the Table

Welcome back, friends! Are you ready for this? Pastor Christine Hung is the Director of Pastoral Development on the Nazarene Northern California District. Previously, she was the campus pastor of Trinity Church Rowland Heights (CA). We have a great conversation about lifelong learning as pastors. We also discuss the NOW Movement which is a grassroots movement pursuing justice […]

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An Introduction to PB&J

A shout out to my friends and their podcast! Thanks for the invite. It was a lot of fun to chat with both of them. You can check it out on YouTube. .

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