That’s What She Said

Yesterday I met with my church board and resigned my position. Then I emailed my congregation and shared it on social media because we live in a weird, new world. You can read the letter here. For those unfamiliar with our denominational process (which is probably most of you), it’s complicated. It feels a little […]

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E80 Pastor Shawna Songer Gaines on Lifelong Learning and Submitting to the Process

So many good things in this episode! I could have made the title much longer. We talk about lifelong learning and submitting to the process. We also discuss the differences between Wesleyan-Holiness and American-Holiness, and why it matters.  Here are some links to things mentioned in the podcast: Models of Evangelism (Pope-Levison)  Trevecca Nazarene Community Church  […]

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E79 Pastor Aeysha Young on the Podcast

Please welcome my new friend, Pastor Aeysha Young to the podcast! She is a pastor at Kentwood Community Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We talk about small groups and creating community. She also shares about being a single pastor during a pandemic. It’s a fun episode, but we had a little Zoom trouble. You know how that […]

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