New Podcast Episode – Pastor Kelli Westmark

I’m so excited to introduce you to Pastor Kelli Westmark. She is a re-start pastor from Oregon. You can connect with her on Check out the podcast here or find us on GooglePlay and iTunes

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Books Written By Women…Recommended for Men

In Mike Frost’s blog post, Brotopia, he highlights five ways male pastors can affirm women in ministry. One of those suggestions was to quote (and presumably read) women authors and theologians. Steve Estep does this well in his book, The Call to Preach. But most books, written by men, on anything pastoral related seldom use […]

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Dear Person Who Thinks All I do is Read the Bible and Drink Coffee…

For ten years I photographed weddings. Then I became a minister. These two vocations make my working years look like bookends with me standing at both the front and the rear of the chapel. When people hear that I have been a wedding photographer and a minister they summarize my work experience as “one who […]

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