Please Stop with the “Smokin’ Hot Wife” References…

Rachel Held Evans tells the story of a Christian speaker who spoke of his struggle with pornography. At the conference, he concluded his talk by declaring victory¬†over his addiction and introducing his wife to the audience. The speaker then referenced her as his “smokin’ hot wife” and the audience applauded. Smokin’. Hot. Wife. The phrase […]

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10 Tips for Women Church Planters

It was six years ago, this month, that I resigned my position as Pastor of Outreach to plant a church. God had been knocking on my heart for a while and I finally surrendered to the call. Some days I still feel like a church planter. I’m not sure when you start to feel like […]

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Twin Peaks

Eats, Drinks, And Disparaging Women since 2005. There’s a new restaurant in our home town. We have a corridor of restaurants in our town. They are peppered in between rows of clothing stores and coffee shops. They are what you would think of as mainstream, family friendly retail: Meijer, Target, Panera, Starbucks, and Babys R […]

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