Yesterday was amazing! The weather was beautiful. 60 degrees in April in MICHIGAN. I hope everyone got outside. I made a point to doing my running outside, but I ran in the Devon Aire neighborhood.

Here’s my to-do list from yesterday:

1. I ran 2 miles in Devon Aire neighborhood.

2. I made sidewalk pastor visits. That was fun! It was so good to see people live and in person.

3. I ate lunch on the patio at my new job. It was a pleasure to listen to the birds and enjoy the sun. Today they are piping music outside. Why they gotta ruin it?

4. I BBQ burgers on the grill.

5. I made cookies.

6. I emailed some people to check in.

7. I paid some Bill’s.

8. I did morning yoga.

9. I bummed a dollar off my husband so I could wear jeans on Friday. It’s a weird work thing.

10. I read in Matthew’s Gospel.

What about you?



Today is April Fool’s Day! We were supposed to be stuffing plastic eggs tonight for the egg hunt. No eggs for you!

It’s been a good week, but long week. And I’m tired. So much brain fatigue. Here is my dairy for yesterday.

1. I worked my new job.

2. I’m learning to get up at 5 AM again.

3. I followed up on some chaplain visits via email and text.

4. I made Hello Fresh for dinner.

5. I did laundry because my husband refuses to wash my work clothes. This is a good thing!

6. I did yoga for stress relief. Plus I sit a lot at the new job.

7. I hosted a Zoom staff meeting and we discussed Palm Sunday. I wish I could tell you that I’m not sad about Holy Week. But that would be a lie.

8. We decided music doesn’t work well for Zoom or at least we don’t have the resources to do it correctly. I had to accept this new reality. There will be other Easters.

9. I posted a devotional.

10. I read Luke 19.


March was definitely the longest year ever! April 1st is no joke and April Fool’s Day has been canceled.

Yesterday I started a new job…to compliment my other jobs. 😂

So it’s been interesting finding a new rhythm. I recognize this will take time. We keep working and praying for new ways to keep everyone connected. And we’re praying about ways to keep ministering to our community. We love and miss you so much!

I’m doing my best to keep my COVID19 diaries alive. So here’s my list from yesterday.

1. I started a new job.

2. I ate lunch in a cafeteria.

3. I ran 1.5 miles on the treadmill.

4. I prayed and meditated.

5. I did payroll for our business.

6. I emailed UIA about a false unemployment claim filed on us.

7. I watched a show with my dog.

8. I texted some people to follow up.

9. I made some pastoral calls.

10. I wrote a blog post.

What about you?

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