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Should NPOs and FBOs Charge for their Services?

Episode 144


Welcome back to episode 144! In this episode, I'm sharing some insight from one of my M.A. classes on fundraising and marketing. I'm asking/answering the question: should nonprofits charge beneficiaries for their services? Whaat? Join the conversation and let me know.

Angela Dudley on Millstone Ministries, Human Trafficking, and Grooming Tactics

Angela Dudley is a human trafficking awareness consultant. She works with GHOST and the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office to bring awareness to trafficking in our backyards. We talk about her faith and how she came to be an advocate. She also shares about grooming tactics and how HT has affected her own life.

Episode 132

Paula Dannielle On Racial Reconciliation and Showing Up

Season 3 has arrived and we are excited to kick it and the New Year off, being joined by Paula Dannielle. We will be discussing her book: Dear Sister: There’s Something Black Women Want You to Know and so much more. 

Episode 130

Joy to the World

Welcome to the last episode of 2023! I new season is coming January 2024!

Episode 129

Michael Lecy on Spiritual Abuse & Ex-vangelicalism

Welcome back, my friends! Michael Lecy is a counselor and certified life coach. He was previously a pastor and he sat down to chat about his story. We talk about belonging when it feels like a drug and taking baby steps toward reconstructing. 

Episode 128

A Very Thanksgiving Episode

Welcome back, friends! Thanksgiving Day has arrived and the holiday season is under way.

Episode 127

Rob Bell Welcomes You to Firdus

Hello, friends! Please welcome Rob Bell to the podcast! Yes, real Rob Bell. We sit down to talk about his new book, Where’d You Park Your Spaceship? So good. We talk about grief, curiosity, and liminal space. I highly recommend this book. 5 Stars.

Episode 126

Jonathan Foster on Reconstruction

Please welcome Jonathan Foster to the podcast! We have a great conversation about atonement theories, reconstruction, grief, and the Theology of Consent. Follow Jonathan on TikTok, FB, and his website.

Episode 125

Can you hear me now?

You asked why am I leaving. Why are we leaving? Can you hear me now?

Episode 119