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Day 16: Wrong

“Leaders who cannot be questioned end up doing questionable things.” – Jon Acuff I like being right. LOL. Every time I say that it makes me laugh. I mean, who doesn’t like to be right? The alternative is to be wrong or even worse, to be misunderstood. Ten years ago, I became a lead pastor […]

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Day 15: Yesterday

The older I get, the more yesterdays that are behind me. My mind is full of so many yesterdays. Some of them make me smile. Some are sad. Some cause guilt and shame to rise up. The strongest memories of yesterday all have deep emotion attached to them. It is part of the reason they […]

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Day 14: Tomorrow

Today’s devotion is about tomorrow. Every time I think about tomorrow, the song from the musical, Annie, comes to mind. It was a Broadway musical in 1977 and they made a movie in 1982. I was 12 when they released it along with an amazing soundtrack. We had it on VINYL! Ugh. Why didn’t I […]

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