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E126 Rob Bell Welcomes You to Firdus

Hello, friends! Please welcome Rob Bell to the podcast! Yes, real Rob Bell. We sit down to talk about his new book, Where’d You Park Your Spaceship? So good. We talk about grief, curiosity, and liminal space. I highly recommend this book. 5 Stars. http://www.robbell.com  http://www.joanncbastien.com http://www.thisisherstory.life 

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E125 Jonathan Foster on Reconstruction

Please welcome Jonathan Foster to the podcast! We have a great conversation about atonement theories, reconstruction, grief, and the Theology of Consent. Follow Jonathan on TikTok, FB, and his website. Reconstruction (book)  Indigo: The Color of Grief https://www.jonathanfosteronline.com/ http://www.joanncbastien.com http://www.thisisherstory.life 

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E4/E124 Megan Cousins Throws a Curveball

Welcome back, friends! Megan Cousins is a friend and newly published author. We spend time discussing her process and how it has become an act of spiritual formation. Check out Megan on IG. IG @authormegancousins IG @joann.c.bastien @this.is.her.story YouTube @joanncbastien  http://www.joanncbastien.com http://www.thisisherstory.life  Apple, Google, Spotify, YouTube 

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