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Pastor Sharon Norman on the Church as an Outpost

Please welcome Pastor Sharon Norman back to the podcast! My friend never disappoints. We talk about doing life in the community, spiritual pimps, and the Church as an outpost. Lots of good stuff.  http://www.thisisherstory.life  Apple, Google, Stitcher and Spotify Pastor Sharon Norman on Instagram 

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Some of My Friends are not Pastors

One day my children saw me talking to a friend they had never met. They inquired who he was and I said nonchalantly, “Oh, just a friend”. My daughter then asked what church he pastored. “Oh, he’s not a pastor,” I responded. She gasped, “You have friends who aren’t pastors”? Please feel free to file […]

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I Failed My Driving Test

I failed my driving test. The road test in Michigan today is nothing like it was when I was sixteen years old. Today, it is expensive to get your license under the age of eighteen. Therefore, I was relieved when both of my children decided to wait. On the day of my son’s road test, […]

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