Messy Faith, Sobriety, and Finding the Way Back

I’m excited to share this episode with you, friends! I’ve known Brent for about five years now. We talk about deconstructing faith, ten years of sobriety, and finding the way back. Sobriety is a life-long journey and it comes with lots of twists and turns. I’m sure you will find lots of good stuff here and I know there is someone who needs this episode. 

Check out Brent’s website for guided meditation:  

Check out Richard Rohr’s book here:

Breathing Under Water 

What I’ve Learned in 29 Years of Marriage

Today we’ve been married 29 years! I’m grateful and I can’t believe it. What have I learned in 29 years?

Most things are fixable and forgivable.

It’s hard work.

Counseling isn’t a swear word.

A congruent faith is more important than common hobbies.

Marriage is about more than children.

Do stuff alone.

Do stuff together.

Do stuff without your kids.

Do stuff together with your kids.

The dishes and laundry will get done…eventually.

Buy less stuff. Have more experiences. Make more memories.

Say I love you!

Say I’m sorry!

Eat the dang cake!

Hold hands a little more. 💜

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